tpu applications

Viprene®TPV is an extrusion blow moldable thermoplastic vulcanizate that can be press blow molded, suction blow molded, or 3D sequential coextruded.

The new special grade of Viprene® can be used to design and manufacture automotive parts, aircraft and other vehicle parts for applications including hollow boots, bellows and ducts.

Viprene® can be optimized with specific softness needed in a variety of parts, in temperatures ranging from 40°F to 347°F while retaining flexibility. It can be substituted for more costly parts made out of silicone or ethylene-acrylic rubber boots.





45A – 50D

General Purpose


45A – 50D

High Performance (Lower High-Temp Compression Set)



Viprene® TPV is available in Shore A hardness of 90.

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