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APS Elastomers is an established TPE technology resource. APS Elastomers provides service, technical support, and TPE materials (TPEs, TPVs, TPUs and other soft elastomers) for consumer and industrial applications. Company offerings include Maxelast® TPEs, Viprene®  TPVs, Zythane®  TPUs, TPE alloys, compounding series, and custom and standard soft elastomer formulations.

APS Elastomers is owned and operated by two of the plastic industry’s leading marketing and technical support executives, Roger J. Huarng and Stephane Morin, formerly with BASF Corporation.

Their expertise can help:

  • Develop products to enhance existing products
  • Evaluate and rectify deficiencies in a material’s performance
  • Conceptualize, develop and commercialize your elastomer-based products
  • Perform failure analysis on elastomer-based products
  • Improve products
  • Find better materials
  • Find new applications

For more information or samples for conventional, unique or highly durable applications, contact us:

Customer Service        734-710-6705

Roger Huarng              734-710-6702

Stephane Morin           734-710-6703