APS Elastomers’ move to a larger facility in Westland, MI


Westland, MI (March 2, 2021) APS Elastomers’ move to a larger facility in Westland, Michigan
last year enabled them to set up a new state-of-the-art lab; providing in-depth and high- level
customer and technical service, problem-solving, product development and support to
designers, OEMs and processors. Capabilities including tensile strength, melt flow rate, density,
durometer hardness, melting point, gel count, stress at 100% and 300%, elongation at break,
tear strength, and taber abrasion loss. “Our new lab allows us to test and compare materials
to find what is best suited for our customer’s needs”, says Roger Huarng, co-owner of APS

In addition to full laboratory services, the recent purchase of BT25 Pelletizer enables APS to
blend small proprietary batches for fast turnaround time; assisting their customers with a
broad range of custom blends, including color concentrates that are FDA, RoHS, CONEG, and
NSF compliant and heavy-metal free. 

APS Elastomers is committed to building relationships based on knowledge, trust and
experience. APS Elastomers provides beside-the-press consulting, full laboratory services and
expedited shipment.