APS Elastomers Provides Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPEs) for Essential Medical Applications During Covid-19 Pandemic

Westland, Michigan (April 7, 2020) With the recent coronavirus affecting major
domestic TPE suppliers, APS Elastomers positioned itself to provide material
desperately needed for health care and medical applications to the North
American market; helping small and medium manufacturers get through these
difficult periods by significantly increasing its inventory and managing its
supply chain. Deemed an essential supplier, APS has worked tirelessly
answering technical questions and supplying numerous manufacturers of
healthcare and medical supply applications. “Our ability to source materials
globally ensures availability, and by selecting our supplying partners based on
geography and technical knowhow, we can provide quality elastomers at
competitive pricing”, says Stephane Morin, co-owner of APS Elastomers
Under its strict manufacturing specifications, APS Elastomers secures TPUs,
TPVs and TPE-S from multiple sources worldwide; enabling APS to get the best
thermoplastic elastomers based on each manufacturer’s expertise in chemistry
and process. APS Elastomers provides engineering service, technical support,
and TPE materials (TPEs, TPVs, TPUs and other soft elastomers) for medical, as
well as consumer and industrial applications. “We continue to expand and
diversify our TPE portfolio by adding new product offerings and aligning
ourselves with manufacturing partners to better serve our customers in North
America”, says Stephane Morin.

Company offerings include Zythane® TPUs, Maxelast® TPEs, Viprene® TPVs, TPE alloys, compounding series, and custom and standard soft elastomer formulations. APS Elastomers is committed to continuous innovation in all areas of the elastomer business by providing high levels of service and support. “Our mission is to ensure the right polymer is used, develop new applications and better processing techniques, and help OEMs and processors market their end products successfully and efficiently”, proclaims co-owner, Roger Huarng. “Our number one goal is to collaborate with our customers and be part of their overall success”, adds Morin For more information on how APS Elastomers can find cost-effective solutions, develop proprietary formulations, and enhance products faster and more efficiently,